xc16_as.py - Waf support for the PIC24 assemblerΒΆ

This was copied from waf 1.18.21 source and slightly modified.

#!/usr/bin/env python

encoding: utf-8 Thomas Nagy, 2008-2010 (ita)


Nasm tool (asm processing)

import os
import waflib.Tools.asm # leave this
from waflib.TaskGen import feature

def apply_nasm_vars(self):

provided for compatibility

    self.env.append_value('ASFLAGS', self.to_list(getattr(self, 'nasm_flags', [])))

def configure(conf):

Detect nasm/yasm and set the variable AS

    conf.find_program(['xc16-as'], var='AS')
    conf.env.AS_TGT_F = ['-o']
    conf.env.ASLNK_TGT_F = ['-o']
    conf.env.ASMPATH_ST = '-I%s' + os.sep
    conf.env.append_value('ASFLAGS', ['-omf=elf', '-g', '--processor={MCU}'.format(**conf.env)])