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deploy.bat - Deploy the e-book to HerokuΒΆ

This batch files deploys the current repo to Heroku. It should be run from the root of this project: build/Heroku/deploy.bat. This assumes that:

  1. The xc16 files are in the build/xc16 directory.
  2. The build/Flask/ file is present.

First, update the docs. Force the grades to be updated. This is a poor-man’s touch.

type NUL >> book/grades.rst
sphinx-build -d _build\doctrees . _build\html
if errorlevel 1 goto fail

Next, update the build and zip file.

python waf build gdist
if errorlevel 1 goto fail

Copy the Heroku config files.

copy /y build\heroku\*.* .

Add all the files which the new ignore patterns now include.

git add .

set the executable bit for xc16 files

pushd build\xc16\v1.30\bin
git update-index --chmod=+x sim30 xc16-as xc16-bin2hex xc16-cc1 xc16-gcc xc16-ld
cd bin
git update-index --chmod=+x elf-as elf-bin2hex elf-cc1 elf-gcc elf-ld

Commit this.

git commit -m "Heroku deploy."

Send it to Heroku.

git push --force heroku master

Roll back.

git reset --mixed HEAD~1

Remove the Heroku files. Note that ~nx returns the filename and extension of %i, per the last table in

for %%i in (build\Heroku\*.*) do del %%~nxi

Restore .gitignore.

git checkout -- .gitignore

Open up a Heroku command line to allow manual database updates. See

heroku run bash -c "cd build/Flask; python"